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PICCORO McKAY Lenz mckaygerhard at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 13:42:49 CET 2020

El sáb., 4 de ene. de 2020 a la(s) 14:09, Christof Thalhofer (
chrisml at deganius.de) escribió:

> And so my answer to this:
> > php that is interpreted is so fast and popular instead of gambas
> Is: No Picco, you're not right here, concerning performance.

Of course that was not using a framework, but .. yes, your mail was clear
to me, BUT:
your mail paste the overall analiltics and performance results.. (simple
but enought)


> And in the example Gambas is called by Apache via CGI! If I'm done with
> rewriting, I'd like to try to develop a FCGI-wrapper or test with a
> generic one. Also intelligent caching can speedup things a lot (which
> can be seen in the result of PHP on further runs).

your tests (in the previous mail) are interesting to making an article..
must be integrated in the gambas wiki in some way!..

BUT: we need more diffusion of this issue, because if it is easy to program
in shrimp but when we go to specific things and there is little time
(scrum), finding problems is our rock in the shoe, is when we come to the
mailing list but this means is say a little slow, so at the time of coding
we need ... there our work stops until someone or ourselves appears the
solution to the problem

i make a wiki how to starting page for users BUT it's only theory and with
minimal examples:

http://gambaswiki.org/wiki/howto/getstartedwebgambas (WIP about that)

that how to in the wiki pages was inspired in thos articles:

1) spanish only how to deploy (minimalilstic generic)
2) staring and introductions:

others people here in the list that already speak spanish liked the
article.. (in those days), of course there's some example uploaded by
Benoit but not all the people are xpert to interprete the code.. and i try
to make that more friendly to new developers.. yeah time are a issue when
we are working and we have a problem with no quick solution at the eyes!

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