[Gambas-user] Position of inherited classes in the IDE project view

Benoît Minisini g4mba5 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 15:48:47 CET 2020

Le 02/01/2020 à 15:41, Christof Thalhofer a écrit :
> Am 02.01.20 um 13:28 schrieb Benoît Minisini:
>>> Oh boy! There it is!
>>> .src/abc/deep/down/abc->xyz
>>> Is there the possibility to switch off the behavior of the IDE to show
>>> classes under the class they inherit from but instead show the real
>>> position in the file system?
>> When a class is not displayed in the tree where it actually is, its icon
>> has a black triangle on its bottom right. You just have to display the
>> properties of the file to get its actual place.
> But: I don't see the class. It is not displayed at all. Let's have a
> look at the filesystem of a project of mine:
>> .
>> ├── Controller
>> │␣␣ ├── Subnav
>> │␣␣ │␣␣ ├── CSubnav.class
>> .
>> .
>> ├── Views
>> │␣␣ ├── Widgets
>> │␣␣ │␣␣ ├── CTabLeftStandard.class
> CTabLeftStandard is a Widget.
> Views->Widgets->CTabLeftStandard.class inherits CSubnav.class.
> In the IDE it is displayed under Subnav, with a small Triangle.
> But if Controller->Subnav is not expanded when I am currently working in
> Views->Widgets I do not see CTabLeftStandard.
> If the last time I worked with it was three months ago I remember that
> it exists but I don't know the name any more and I do not remember that
> it inherits CSubnav! I am lost! I have to click through the tree and
> search or I have to got into the terminal and search like:
> "find ./.src | grep -i left"
> For me it is illogical that a widget, which resides under widgets is not
> visible there.
> In earlier versions of the IDE the project view on the left side
> reflected the filesystem. That was way better for me.
> Alles Gute
> Christof Thalhofer

I don't understand what you are talking about. I see the inherited 
classes even if their parent folder is not expanded.

Please send your project so that I understand.

By the way, I can make an option to not display inherited classes under 
their parent class.

Benoît Minisini

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