[Gambas-user] Segfault when the number of visible tabs in a Tabstrip goes to zero

Bruce adamnt42 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 26 09:14:22 CEST 2019

Sorry, Meant to say:
The form has a tabstrip with a variable number of tabs.

On 26/10/19 5:21 pm, Bruce wrote:
> The form has a variable number of tabs. Their visibility is controlled 
> by a user action on some "filter" buttons. When, as a result of the 
> user's filtering clicks,  all the tabs .Visible are false the project 
> segfaults.
> The only info I get is "ASSERT failure in QList<T>::at: "index out of 
> range", file /usr/include/QtCore/qlist.h, line 469"
> I've tried both stepping through the project (which us very big), trying 
> to get a backtrace at the failure and even researching how the IDE works 
> when all the tabs are closed (no help, its a MDI form).
> I've tried creating a small demo but it doesn't crash.
> Next steps?
> b

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