[Gambas-user] Exif library for Gambas

Charlie Ogier charlie at cogier.com
Tue Oct 22 16:20:00 CEST 2019

Hi Rolf,

Here is a reply to this from 2008

/You don't need a component. Just use the "EXIF tools"://
//Benoit Minisini//
If you are interested I have a program, in early development, that I can 
send you. I can't put it here as it has 'ExifTool' build in and its a 
too big (5MB).


On 22/10/2019 14:57, Rolf-Werner Eilert wrote:
> Hi folks,
> just read in our German c't magazine about reading Exif data in Python 
> - they've got a nifty library there, so it's pretty easy to do.
> Is there something like that for Gambas? Might be quite handy one day.
> In Gambas it would read like picdate = exif.datetime for instance to 
> get the date of the picture. Loading picture data would be something 
> like exif.load("pathto.jpg").
> Regards
> Rolf
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