[Gambas-user] Avoid 3.14 update: 1) too many unticks 2) How to fallback to 3.13 ?

ub2 at gmx.ch ub2 at gmx.ch
Mon Oct 21 07:30:39 CEST 2019

Dear Gambas-Cracks

We are currently having a problem with Version 3.14
(see http://gambaswiki.org/bugtracker/main #1666,
In messages multi-line-buttons are cut to a single line,
Xubuntu 16.04LTS & 18.04LTS).

All users therefore have to avoid updating to Rev 3.14.
Doing that, they have to untick a huge amount of single files.
See https://paste.c-net.org/SubjectsOverride

My questions/requests:
1) Would it be possible to put all those single Gambas-files under
another Gambas-SubFolder in order
- to untick all of them with one click.
- to reduce the risk to end up with some single 3.14 Files in a 3.13
Installation (due to some missed unticks)?

2) Is there a simple and robust user-proofed command to fallback from
3.14 to 3.13 ? (For all those 3.14 users already with the same problem)

Thanks a lot for your help (... and Gambas !)


PS: Many thanks to Christof for
- helping to resolve the "Message body is too big" Issue.
- Introducing bugtracker

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