[Gambas-user] Release of Gambas 3.14.2

Sebastián Kulesz sebikul at gmail.com
Sat Nov 23 22:56:44 CET 2019

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in uploading the latest version. I hit some issues
around the dependencies for the gb.desktop.gnome.keyring, as they are no
longer distributed in Ubuntu Eoan. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to
find a replacement package, and from what I could find [0], there isn't
one. So from this release forward, I decided to stop packaging this
If it is a blocking issue for anyone, I can see if I can include a custom
build of it in the PPA, so that we can resume distributing this component.
Unfortunately, this will take a lot of time that I currently don't have.
But if strictly necessary, I will see what I can do.

Sorry again for the delay.



On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 3:33 PM Benoît Minisini <g4mba5 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have just released Gambas 3.14.2.
> This release mainly includes a fix of the Message class that disturbs a
> lot of people.
> The website is not yet up to date, but you can download the source
> archive at:
> https://gitlab.com/gambas/gambas/-/archive/3.14.2/gambas-3.14.2.tar.bz2
> Please report any problem with the package.
> Regards,
> --
> Benoît Minisini
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