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Hans Lehmann hans at gambas-buch.de
Fri Nov 1 12:17:06 CET 2019


Recently I asked for a description for version control with Git, which
is now possible in the IDE. Result: zero. So you search for traces and
read the source code (../app/src/gambas3/.src/VersionControl) very
carefully. As expected, the TerminalView control plays a central role.
But if you look at the documentation for this control, it almost always
says 'This symbol does not exist'. Great!

But today I need help with the following properties and methods of the
TerminalView class to be able to continue working at all. If it were
Christmas now, I would also like to have some lines of source code. They
could show how fine the component is:

Properties:  Attr, Limit Line, Text and Title
Methods:     Clear, Exec, Past, Print and Shell
Events:      Kill

Have a nice weekend, everybody.

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