[Gambas-user] gambas3 and GTK3 on fedora 30 CRASH

Mayost Sharon sharon at 455.co.il
Fri May 17 15:02:46 CEST 2019


When I login to the system with X11
It works fine
When i login with wayland
It crashes

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Subject: [Gambas-user] gambas3 and GTK3 on fedora 30 CRASH

> Hello
> 1.
> I installed a new system: Fedora 30 64bit
> dnf install gambas3
> I created a new GTK3 project
> I did not put any controls on the form
> As soon as I try to run the program through the IDE
> Debug-> Run
> I get an error:
> The program has stopped unexpectedly!
> Segmentation fault (11)
> If I create an execute
> And I run through a command line that gives an error message:
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
> 2.
> I also tried to install on a new system: Fedora 30 64bit
> The GAMBAS through source code
> git clone -b stable --single-branch https://gitlab.com/gambas/gambas.git gambasstable
> And there after he finished all the COMPILE
> I run and there I get the same errors
> I attach the LOG file to the COMPILE
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