[Gambas-user] NCurses window height and width

KKing kicking177 at gmail.com
Mon May 6 14:53:22 CEST 2019

Hi Tobi,

I'm probably missing something, haven't worked out how to code in the 
Screen_Resize event, i.e to catch the XTerm being resized.

Alternatively what would be useful (for me) is in Gambas where you set 
what terminal you want to use that you could also add command line 
options for it. e.g.  xterm -geometry 100x50

I've found you can resize the xterm window by escape sequence commands, 
but you need set the "allowWindowOps" which is default to off in debian 
and you manually have to enable via Ctrl+RightMouse but I'd like not to 
have to go through those steps or pass the control sequence from actual 
gambas code as it will not be needed on final non X system.

On a Non X system, the only issue is some other programs sometimes need 
the stty cols and rows set to 80 and 25 to behave. So may need be 
adjusting these before and after programs


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