[Gambas-user] Debugging Gambas (again)

Cedron Dawg cedron at exede.net
Wed May 1 14:50:37 CEST 2019

Actually, I was just trying to explain what I meant as clearly as I could seeing as how I had been repeatedly misunderstood.  If you somehow read that I said C code is interpreted then I am still being misunderstood.  Enough said.


P.S.  I am now strongly leaning in favor of it was a bug in previous versions of Gambas that has been fixed by the latest version.

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'Briefly, when I said "generalize the discussion" I also meant generalizing to any interpreter, not just Gambas.' 

C is not interpreted. And generally speaking modern interpreted languages do not offer direct memory management and thus they never show sig11, unless they have bugs. So, again you are wrong. 

Point 1 is exactly what I have said to you several times now. And now you tell it to me , like it would be new information. Pathological ego. 
However, you still haven't quite internalized what you can now repeat. Excluding the already mentioned exceptions, sig11 is always bug. No other choices. 
I guess when you have studied bit more you will tell me that like it would be news. 


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