[Gambas-user] About qt, a little issue

Karl Reinl karl.reinl at fen-net.de
Sun Jun 16 21:14:45 CEST 2019

Am Samstag, den 15.06.2019, 10:59 +0200 schrieb Jorge Carrión:
> Hi everybody,
> I have a project that uses the textedit component from gb.qtX.ext
> Component. With latest versions of SO (Linuxmint 19 + Cinnamon)It
> works fine  but with older versions not. I can use the gb.qt4.ext
> component but it generates some problems with latest versions (menu's
> icons not visible).
> If I try to use the gb.gui.qt component (That should be the answer,
> isn't it?) then I can't link either gb.qt4.ext or gb.qt5.ext
> Is there a way to do that? 


"If the GB_GUI environment variable is set, then gb.gui will load the
component specified by its contents." 

You find a nice example on you computer... the IDE


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