[Gambas-user] About OOP features missing on Gambas

Yeshua Rodas yrodas at upnfm.edu.hn
Wed Jun 5 22:10:48 CEST 2019

Hello coders.

You'll see, I'm a PHP developer, but I found Gambas fun and enjoyable for
practice and teaching. However, after days of searching there is some
for that I did not found any answer, so here I am asking.

First: there is no a "PROTECTED" scope? I found tipical Public and Private
scope for class members on Gambas, but why is not there a Protected scope?
is used another key word for that?

Second: is there some kind of support for Interfaces? If you see Java or
yo found that for some Abstract Data Types is possible define an Interface,
you know, a set of public methods that define how an ADT must behave.
I do not found any similar on Gambas.

Third: Abstract classes? I'm not sure if declaring on a class File "CREATE
PRIVATE" I am defining a kind of Abstract class.

Fourth: Traits or mixins? this structures allow to languages that only
simple inheritance a way to reuse a lot of code. I'm thinking that maybe
Composition over Inheritance can be a solution, but I'm just aware if
or mixins can be supported on Gambas.

Thank for your time.

E. Yeshua Rodas
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