[Gambas-user] [RFC] Where to place documentation for a library or component?

Yeshua Rodas yrodas at upnfm.edu.hn
Tue Jul 2 06:38:30 CEST 2019

Hello coders.

You'll see, I am developing a query builder for Gambas based on a PHP query
builder from Nil Portugues (

At the moment I have almost completed a basic API for `INSERT` and `SELECT`
very similar to the original one, with some variations of course. Something
like this:

  Dim builder As SelectBuilder = New SelectBuilder(hConn)
  Dim result As String

  builder.select("fake", ["foo", "bar", "baz"]).where().equals("bar", "baz")
  builder.subWhere("OR").notLike("foo", "something").greaterThan("baz", 6)

  result = builder.getSql()
  ' Output: "SELECT fake.foo, fake.bar, fake.baz FROM fake WHERE (fake.bar
= 'baz') AND ((fake.foo NOT LIKE 'something') OR (fake.baz > 6))"

So, I want to share this early stage for (maybe) get some feedback.
Well, now on topic, I'm writing documentation for this stage, but I'm
unsure about the best place for it. Usually I create a separated repository
and work with ReadTheDocs and reStructuredText, however, gambaswiki.org
seems to me a good place to share the project.

What do you think? What recommendations or advices can you give to me?
Thank you.

PD: If someone wants to look up the actual code, here is the URL:
E. Yeshua Rodas
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