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Do you use gb.report ?

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> It seems I have the same problem a lot of other people do. I am creating
> documents to print in gambas. I have no problem figuring out how many pages
> there are ahead of time. I have documents that are one page and they show
> up fine including in print preview. My problem is when I need to print
> multiple pages I can get multiple pages but they are all copies of the same
> page. Or I end up with both pages superimposed over each other on a single
> page. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to tell something to print
> on a different page.
> One example, is I am trying to print a report. The report can be multiple
> Pages or could be one page. A footer goes at the bottom of only the last
> page and it takes up a certain amount of room. This means that on a
> three-page document I can fit a certain amount on pages 1 and 2, but on
> page 3 I can only fit that amount minus the amount of room needed for the
> footer. I can calculate this without any problem. But I can't find a way to
> tell gambas that I need to put something on a different page. I've tried
> increasing y values I have tried looking over the example and I cannot for
> the life of me get this to print pages the way I need. The simple of it
> would be telling me how to make information appear on page 2 instead of
> page one. My brain is hurting from this, can I get some help please?
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