[Gambas-user] gambas, sqlite and foreign key

Peter Peyotle peterpeyotle at gmx.de
Mon Apr 29 21:18:31 CEST 2019

Hello, again.

I have the following problem with sqlite and gambas.
I would like to use the functions of Foreign Key with sqlite and gambas.
The problem with this is that with Gambas the execute statement "pragma
foreign_keys = on" is unsuccessful. The "pragma foreign_keys" statement
always returns "0", ie no foreign key is active.
However, if I set the foreign key property at the shell level, this will
correctly return the "1" (at the shell level) as a successful setting.
If I use the same database at the same time as this one on the shell
level, however, I only get back the "0" in Gambas, so no foreign key is
active. Does Gambas have a problem with the foreign key?
So set foreign key on the shell level - no problem.
Create foreign key within Gambas - not possible.
I have already tested this with different sqlite versions higher than
3.6 in the virtualbox with Lubuntu and Ubuntu. Always the same result.
How can I use Foreign Key with Gambas?
For solutions and suggestions, I would be very grateful.


Peter ......

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