[Gambas-user] gambas and sqlite3

Peter Peyotle peterpeyotle at gmx.de
Mon Apr 15 15:58:50 CEST 2019

Hello and good day.

I use Gambas 3.12.2 with Linux Mint LXDE 18.2.
How do I tell Gambas which Sqlite3 version to use?
I query the sqlite3 version in Gambas Ide with "select sqlite_version
()" I get 3.11.
I ask in the shell with "sqlite - version" I get "not installed". OK.
I install the most recent from the sqlite page about compiling I get
with "sqlite --version" the correct installed version. In Gambas,
however, still the 3.11. And gb.db.sqlite3 also uses these because the
features like "select * from pragma_table_info ...." are not supported.
Only from version 3.16. So Gambas really uses the 3.11.
On my laptop I have the version 3.18 installed via another source with
ppa with "sudo apt-get install ....".
Here also in Gambas then the version 3.18 is displayed and the pragma
functions are available.
I think there has to be an environment variable or something similar for
gb.db.sqlite3 to use the installed sqlite version as well.
So how do I get Gambas to support the installed latest sqlite3 version
as well?

best regards

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