[Gambas-user] JIT compiler debugging

Benoît Minisini g4mba5 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 13:55:30 CEST 2018

Le 18/10/2018 à 04:20, Jussi Lahtinen a écrit :
> If I understand correctly, overriding like this should not be allowed ( 
> http://gambaswiki.org/wiki/doc/object-model#t19 ):
> Property y As Object --> Property y As TestClass1
> But no error is raised. See the attachment (baseclass & childclass).
> Jussi

The documentation is not accurate. The datatype of the child must not be 
the same as the parent. It must be compatible.

- If the datatypes are not objects, then both datatypes must be the same.

- If the datatypes are objects, then either the parent must be 'Object', 
or the child datatype must inherit the parent datatype.

Except for public variables where inheritance is now forbidden.

This is not a JIT-related problem by the way.


Benoît Minisini

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