[Gambas-user] Monday evening thinkies (thought experiments)

Charlie Ogier charlie at cogier.com
Mon Dec 3 16:55:28 CET 2018

Hi Bruce,

Regarding the 'Password' issue have a look at the attached program.


On 03/12/2018 08:30, Bruce wrote:
> Just having a think about some ideas and thought I might seek some 
> input from regular readers.  I don't want solutions, just readers 
> thoughts.
> 1) Selecting the database version at runtime.
> We have several "versions" of our databases. They all reside on a 
> single server. There is "PRODUCTION", "TEST1", "TESTSOMETHING", etc 
> etc. Apart from running the associated applications from the installed 
> i.e. production version of the project which should of course 
> automatically use the "PRODUCTION" database, it would be nice to be 
> able to select one of the other databases at runtime. i.e. when 
> running the application from either within the IDE or from an 
> executable in the user's home.
> So, I was thinking about some way of allowing the user to select the 
> actual database at runtime. Immediate thoughts are to have "all" the 
> possible connections defined in the project Connections. That has 
> dragons in it.
> Has anyone thought about this or come up with a good (i.e. simple, 
> elegant and easily transportable between projects) answer to this? If 
> so, could they just share their experience. Was it easy or not? Did 
> you succeed? (Please note, I'm not after a total "Log In" solution 
> here. That thinky's coming!)
> 2) A way to show the content of a password textbox.
> One thing I like about recent websites and apps is that you can click 
> and hold on a little "eye" button next to a "password protected" field 
> in a form and while you hold the mouse button down it will show the 
> actual password in plain text.
> Has anyone had any thoughts or tried this with a Gambas password text 
> box? (Obvious security issues need not be raised yet :-) .)
> 3) A general "Log In" algorithm and UI and component/library.
> (Told you)
> I have several of these. They are all basically a pain in the ****. 
> Has anyone got a good, simple elegant DESIGN for one of these beasts. 
> Again, I don't want a solution, just experiences and ideas.
> 4) A good "statusbar" control.
> This time I am looking for actual solutions!  I have built several of 
> these over time but I have never been really satisfied with my 
> creations. My ideal status bar would be a bit like the ancient (but 
> soooo easy to use) Borland Turbo pascal one.  (If you don't know what 
> that is then you don't know how old I am. :-) Which is good.)
> Requirements include: multiple "panels" within the bar, ability to 
> show status data graphically as well as textually, runtime 
> hideable/showable (like an expander but only shows while the mouse 
> button on the trigger is held down) and a whole lot more!
> That was the final one - and that's enough for a Monday.
> Looking forward to any input.
> Cheers
> bruce
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