[Gambas-user] Monday evening thinkies (thought experiments)

Bruce adamnt42 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 09:30:33 CET 2018

Just having a think about some ideas and thought I might seek some input 
from regular readers.  I don't want solutions, just readers thoughts.

1) Selecting the database version at runtime.

We have several "versions" of our databases. They all reside on a single 
server. There is "PRODUCTION", "TEST1", "TESTSOMETHING", etc etc. Apart 
from running the associated applications from the installed i.e. 
production version of the project which should of course automatically 
use the "PRODUCTION" database, it would be nice to be able to select one 
of the other databases at runtime. i.e. when running the application 
from either within the IDE or from an executable in the user's home.

So, I was thinking about some way of allowing the user to select the 
actual database at runtime. Immediate thoughts are to have "all" the 
possible connections defined in the project Connections. That has 
dragons in it.

Has anyone thought about this or come up with a good (i.e. simple, 
elegant and easily transportable between projects) answer to this? If 
so, could they just share their experience. Was it easy or not? Did you 
succeed? (Please note, I'm not after a total "Log In" solution here. 
That thinky's coming!)

2) A way to show the content of a password textbox.

One thing I like about recent websites and apps is that you can click 
and hold on a little "eye" button next to a "password protected" field 
in a form and while you hold the mouse button down it will show the 
actual password in plain text.

Has anyone had any thoughts or tried this with a Gambas password text 
box? (Obvious security issues need not be raised yet :-) .)

3) A general "Log In" algorithm and UI and component/library.

(Told you)

I have several of these. They are all basically a pain in the ****. Has 
anyone got a good, simple elegant DESIGN for one of these beasts. Again, 
I don't want a solution, just experiences and ideas.

4) A good "statusbar" control.

This time I am looking for actual solutions!  I have built several of 
these over time but I have never been really satisfied with my 
creations. My ideal status bar would be a bit like the ancient (but 
soooo easy to use) Borland Turbo pascal one.  (If you don't know what 
that is then you don't know how old I am. :-) Which is good.)

Requirements include: multiple "panels" within the bar, ability to show 
status data graphically as well as textually, runtime hideable/showable 
(like an expander but only shows while the mouse button on the trigger 
is held down) and a whole lot more!

That was the final one - and that's enough for a Monday.

Looking forward to any input.

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