[Gambas-user] Ordering a bi-dimensional string[]...by several columns help wanted.

Charlie Ogier charlie at cogier.com
Sun Dec 2 18:04:11 CET 2018

Hi Jorge,

My solution: -

Your data is "Country code", "Town" so: -

**Data[0,0] = "US"* *and**Data[1,0] = "New York"**
*Data[0,1] = "UK"* and *Data[1,1] = "London"

**We want to sort by the "Town" (So we put it first)

Create a *New String[]* with "Town" <separator> "Country Code" 
<separator> "Town"

*SortList.Add(Data[1,0] & "`" & Data[0,0] & "`" Data[1,0])**
**SortList.Add(Data[1,1] & "`" & Data[0,1] & "`" Data[1,1])**
*(use a loop)

Sort the list

Now rebuild *Data* with the 2nd and 3rd items

*For iLoop = 0 to ?**
**    Data[iLoop,0] = Split(SortList[iLoop],"`")[1]***' "UK"*
**    Data[iLoop,1] = Split(SortList[iLoop],"`")[2] *' "London"*

See example attached.


On 01/12/2018 18:13, Jorge Carrión wrote:
> The problem:
> I need order a bi-dimensional array by several columns following de 
> user's criteria.
> It is relatively simple to order a two-dimensional array for a column, 
> not long ago we saw several solutions in this mail list, but what I 
> need now is to sort by several columns and that each of them can be 
> ascending or descending.
> I confess that I have been stuck with the subject for four days, that 
> I have believed more than once that I had solved it and that in the 
> end I have given up doing it alone. Does anyone have any idea how to 
> approach the issue before it drives me crazy?
> There is a "tricky" solution: grab your two-dimensional array, create 
> with it a sqlite base and let the sqlite engine solve the issue with 
> an SQL statement ... but this is not the case (it would force the 
> project to link with the modules database and it's not always convenient)
> Waiting for the better minds than mine advice...
> Best Regards
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