[Gambas-user] Ordering a bi-dimensional string[]...by several columns help wanted.

Jorge Carrión shordi at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 19:13:06 CET 2018

The problem:

I need order a bi-dimensional array by several columns following de user's

It is relatively simple to order a two-dimensional array for a column, not
long ago we saw several solutions in this mail list, but what I need now is
to sort by several columns and that each of them can be ascending or

I confess that I have been stuck with the subject for four days, that I
have believed more than once that I had solved it and that in the end I
have given up doing it alone. Does anyone have any idea how to approach the
issue before it drives me crazy?

There is a "tricky" solution: grab your two-dimensional array, create with
it a sqlite base and let the sqlite engine solve the issue with an SQL
statement ... but this is not the case (it would force the project to link
with the modules database and it's not always convenient)

Waiting for the better minds than mine advice...

Best Regards
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