[Gambas-user] Need help getting Gambas to run on an ARM module

PICCORO McKAY Lenz mckaygerhard at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 13:27:40 CET 2017

> apt-get install gambas3”.  It installs, but will not launch.  If I try to
> invoke it from the command line, it just hangs.  No error message, just
> hangs until I do ctrl-C.  I tried to build it from source, but encountered
> a number of errors, and never could get a full build.
in this case seems the arch are not the same.. please report the exact
hardware you are in use, i remenber that in debian theres a new floavor ofr
arm devices

> So, I found a build of Armbian (xenial) with a GUI that seems to work very
> well for this board.  Much better OS build.  I installed Gambas with “sudo
> apt-get install gambas3”, and it installed Gambas 3.8 (ubuntu armhf).  When
> I launch it, I get “segmentation fault”.  So, I installed all of the
> dependencies, and checked out version 3.9 from the SVN repository.  It
> seemed to compile without too many issues (just some warnings that didn’t
> seem like much).  When I launch that version I get “illegal instruction”.
this confirm that the arch are not same, a possible could be that you are
in multiarch mode and try to run a different arch, take in consideration
that now in debian we can mix different archs

> At this point I figured I would try compiling version 3.6 instead.  In
> this case, Make fails with “main.cpp:31:21: fatal error QDateTime: No such
> file or directory. Compilation terminated’.
this its a common qt4 vs qt5 dependency problem the qt installed are
incomplete, you must revise packages and disable qt5 modules in gambas,
install complete qt4 modules and then setupd with update-alternatives the
qt environment correctly

> I’m really more of a hardware guy, and I’m trying to build an embedded
> device based on this module.  I’m a long time vb6/vb.net person, and
> would really like to get Gambas working so as to avoid working in C.
its a common guindows problems, your cup are full of win32 knowlegde..

seems the problem in your case its a very older arm class hardware,

please can you report exact model in use for that?
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