[Gambas-user] TextArea automatic CRLF

mikeB mb at code-it.com
Tue Nov 21 18:55:48 CET 2017

eGreetings to the World of Gambas,

Am in the process of developing a 'newsletter email sender'
using the SMTP component - with a TextArea field as the
message editor. Going to be used to send out a 'what's new'
opted-in mailing list to my clients.

I realize there are lots of this type software on the iNet
(i.e. Mail Monkey) but I don't like the fact that my mailing
list would be stored on "the cloud" - a security thing.

What I am trying to do is code it so that if a line is say
80 chars long then it automatically inserts a carriage return/
next line function (i.e. chr(13) & chr(10) ? ) so that "what
you see is what you get" instead on the line just going on
forever - making the email message look tacky...

I've been playing around with the "change" "wrap" and "line"
functions but can't seem to find a way to do this OTHER THEN
actually pressing the 'ENTER' key at the end of each line
(which seems to work - via my testing).

I'm missing something - most likely simple - but if anyone knows
and has a few minutes to advise me what to look at - I'd GREATLY
APPRECIATE your mentor-ship ;-)

Have a GREAT day,

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