[Gambas-user] New gb.web.form component

Frank fgores at ...174...
Sat Nov 14 17:04:06 CET 2015

Op 14-11-15 om 17:00 schreef Benoît Minisini:
> Le 14/11/2015 16:49, Frank a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> I have been reading this thread about the new component. This will not enable me to create a html mail newsletter to be send, right?
>> I have been searching to create a mailbody in HTML to send via desktop.sendmail
>> swissgamba
> Mail is not related to the Web (HTTP protocol).
> To send a mail, you must use the SMTP protocol (gb.net.smtp). And to
> create the mail to send, you must use the gb.mime component.
i thought so already..I'll continue figuring out how to use these components. thanks

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