[Gambas-user] How editing more than 1024 bytes in a field of the DataBrowser

Benoît Minisini gambas at ...1...
Sat Mar 29 18:17:16 CET 2014

Le 25/03/2014 00:47, Ru Vuott a écrit :
> Hello,
> our friend, member of Gambas-it.org forum, asks how he can edit (or paste) more than 1024 bytes in a field of type 'text' using a control DataBrowser connected to a mysql db that comes to hold up 64 Kb.
> He says that the databrowser cuts the text to 1024 characters, thereby preventing the modification of the cut data.
> Regards
> vuott

I don't get the problem: can you send me a project that shows what you 
are talking about?

Benoît Minisini

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