[Gambas-user] Issue 436 in gambas: IconView + "DEL" Key Cause ScrollArea_KeyPress.823 OutofBound Exception

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Mon Jun 3 16:14:55 CEST 2013

Status: New
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Labels: Version-3.4.1 Type-Bug Priority-Medium OpSys-Any Dist-Any Arch-Any  
Desktop-Any GUI-Any

New issue 436 by s... at ...3142...: IconView + "DEL" Key Cause  
ScrollArea_KeyPress.823  OutofBound Exception

1) Describe the problem.

    IconView has outBound Error when press "DELETE" key

2) GIVE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATIONS (if they are appropriate):

Version: 3.4.1
Operating system: Linux
Distribution: Netrunner 12.10
Architecture:  x86_64
GUI component: QT4
Desktop used: KDE 4.9.5

3) Provide a little project that reproduces the bug or the crash.
     Project attached.
4) If your project needs a database, try to provide it, or part of it.
     no DB
5) Explain clearly how to reproduce the bug or the crash.

     new a GUI project (qt4) with a single Form
     put IconView on the Window
     add 1 item (or any number of item) to IconView
     select last item in the view
     press "DEL" on keyboard

6) By doing that carefully, you have done 50% of the bug fix job!

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you encounter several different problems or bugs, (for
example, a bug in your project, and an interpreter crash while debugging
it), please create distinct issues!

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