[Gambas-user] ?gambas bug dateadd with leap years???

Caveat Gambas at ...1950...
Wed Feb 29 00:08:25 CET 2012

Yeah, strange... you can add 12 months (temporary workaround?) but
adding a year results in an invalid date error...

  Print DateAdd(Now, gb.Month, 12)   'OK
  Print DateAdd(Now, gb.Year, 1)     ' Gives invalid date

Kind regards,

On Wed, 2012-02-29 at 09:47 +1100, richard terry wrote:
> Hi List, Benoit
> My program crashed today when using dateadd:
>  DateAdd(Now, gb.Year, iNumberOfYears) has worked for eons in my
recall system
> dateAdd using gb.month still works.
> I reverted back from the latest svn to an older one > no difference.
> Could this be a leap year bug?
> richard

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