[Gambas-user] menu.popup does not work with tray icon

HARADA Kazutaka kazutaka802 at ...1907...
Fri Jul 30 16:32:27 CEST 2010

Hi All,

I found a strange problem for menu.popup() method.

To reproduce the problem, unpack the attached small project,
run it, and do the following steps.

1. Right click tray icon and menu is displayed. (OK)
2. Double click tray icon and second form is open. (OK)
3. Then close second form. (OK)
4. Right click tray icon again, but popup menu is NOT displayed (NOT OK)

It only happens with gb.gtk. (gb.qt works fine.)

I'm running gambas-2.21.0 with gnome-2.30.2, gtk-2.20, qt-3.3.8.

Kazutaka HARADA
  e-mail:kazutaka802 at ...1907...
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