[Gambas-user] Gambas3 project - hidden sources directory. Why?

svitoos svitoos at ...626...
Sun Jul 25 15:59:58 CEST 2010

25.07.2010 16:47, Benoît Minisini пишет:
>> Why store the source code in a hidden directory?
>> Why hide it open source? :-(
> The directory is not really hidden, its name just begins with a dot!
> I did that because all non-hidden files and directories are considered data
> files that must be stored in the final "executable". Hidden directories are
> non-data files. Some of them go to the executable ('.gambas', '.lang'), others
> don't ('.src').
> Regards,
Really hidden in 'New File/Existing' Dialog. It is necessary to click 
'View hidden files'. And also look at '. gambas' and other unnecessary 

A separate source directory is more convenient than dump files in the 
gambas2 project directory. But it would be better without dot.

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