[Gambas-user] "gbr3: no project file in '/usr/local/bin/gambas3.gambas'"

Doriano Blengino doriano.blengino at ...1909...
Sat Jul 17 19:30:45 CEST 2010


went to gambas.svn.sourceforge.net, hit the "Download GNU tarball", this 
time it worked, put all on the usb stick and copied it to the home 
machine. Updated libtool and autoconf/automake, and managed to compile. 
A few file contained a single line "link ../blahblahblah" which gave 
errors. I presume it's m4 stuff and I don't know why it didn't work, 
anyway I corrected by hand and obtained a good compilation.

But when I try to launch gambas3.gambas I obtain "no project file ....". 
The same happens if by hand I issue things like "gbr3 
/usr/local/bin/gambas3.gambas" and so on. I tried to debug gbx3/gbr3, 
but got lost.

There was a thread on this subject, but I can not see it right now. What 
is the problem?


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