[Gambas-user] Big & Cool project

PxPert PxPert at ...626...
Thu Feb 28 23:56:47 CET 2008

Hi to all!

Now, with the coming of version 2.1, 64bit compatible of gambas, the ide is 
growing and growing (or at least I'm feeling this :D )
Anyway I would like to make a very cool and interesting project: A frontend 
like mythtv and freevo, totally gambas written that has to go in people's 
house and car :)

To make this i need an help of other developers, it's too long to make it 
entirely myself, especially for the purposes of the project:
It has to be xine based and must have an sdl-opengl (or at lease qt-opengl), 
skin based gui.
So to make this we need firstly to make a xine component, even if it's written 
in gambas, it's not a problem, and a sort of skin engine. Then all the system 
will be very easier to develop!

Who is (at least) interested?

Thanks to all 

Grazie a tutti! :D


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