[Gambas-user] Q:how to save a file.png into Postgresql

richard terry rterry at ...1946...
Sun Aug 31 03:10:49 CEST 2008


> Did you look at the "PictureDatabase" example? It stores images files from
> disk into a database, and retrieves them.

Thanks, yes I've done that overnight since your suggestion, and now have this 

My gambas code goes something like this and I've selected the png file to load 
which has been passed to this routine as ImagePath.

Public sub Save_Image(ImagePath as string)

 Dim img As Image
 Dim pictureData As String
 Dim sql As String
  img = Image.Load(ImagePath)  ' Save temp image as png file
  tempFile = Temp() & ".png"

  pictureData = File.Load(tempFile) 'reload as a string

At this point the pictureData string seems  to be ok.

I Then tried writing to the database:

  sql = "insert into temp_image(piccie)"
    sql = sql & pictureData & "$$)"

and got back this message:

Query failed:ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8":0x89 HINT: This 
error can also happen if the byte sequence does not match the encoding 
expected by the server, which is controlled  by "client_encoding"

Spent a couple of hours trawling the postgres help and looking up 
client-encoding, pg_types  etc etc, but with my limited brain power I got 

Any idea's?



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