[Gambas-user] Tray icon not updated sometimes

HARADA Kazutaka kazutaka802 at ...1907...
Wed Aug 27 15:40:38 CEST 2008


Another problem for tray icon found.

With gambas2-2.8.1, I found that the picture of tray icon is not
updated (changed) sometimes.

I wrote a small project to reproduce it.
- create new form and put a trayicon in it
- set default picutre of trayicon (TrayIcon1.Picture="blue.png")
- then put following code in the class

PUBLIC SUB Form_Show()

   SLEEP 3
   TrayIcon1.Picture = Picture["green.png"]
   SLEEP 3
   TrayIcon1.Picture = Picture["yhellow.png"]
   SLEEP 3
   TrayIcon1.Picture = Picture["red.png"]


Then run it and wait for 10 seconds.
Finally "red.png" picture is shown on trayicon but "green.png" and
"yellow.png" are not.

This happens both gb.qt and gb.gtk.

I'm using gtk+-2.12.11 and qt-3.3.8 with gnome-2.22.3.

Kazutaka HARADA
  e-mail:kazutaka802 at ...1907...

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