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Tue Aug 26 19:42:18 CEST 2008

I use WRITE a lot and was confused at the beginning.
There are two different methods...

WRITE #hfile, "Stuff"    'This writes 7 bytes to file <2 Byte length> + 'Stuff'
WRITE #hfile, "Stuff",5  'This writes 5 bytes to file 'Stuff' with nothing extra.

If you do not have the length, then the 2 byte is always prefixed indicating the 
actual length written.


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> On Tuesday 26 August 2008 07:17, Mike wrote:
> > How do I save a text file without extra chars at the start of the file.
> > If I save with the following code there is one extra char added to the
> > start of the file.
> > WRITE #hfile, "Stuff"
> > If I use a very long string I get two chars added at the start of the file.
> "WRITE" writes its arguments in binary format, which includes the length of 
> the string in this case.  You want PRINT.
> Rob
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