[Gambas-user] Columnview, how to read?

Fox _root at ...324...
Tue Aug 26 15:12:44 CEST 2008

Jacky wrote:
> Le Tuesday 26 August 2008 13:45:36 Fox, vous avez écrit :
>> Jacky wrote:
>>> Columnview.MoveFirst
>>>     REPEAT
>>>     Columnview.Item.Selected = TRUE
>>> 	'here that you want to do with each data, Columnview.Item[1],
>>> Columnview.Item[2], Columnview.item[3] etc...
>>>     UNTIL Columnview.Movenext()
>> Movenext is not documented,(it exist?)
>> but it give me the same result as using MoveBelow:
>> Type mismatch: wanted Boolean, got Function Instead
> Movenext() but not movenext. Use bracket !
Sorry! you are right!


      Columnview1.Item.Selected = TRUE
      TextBox1.text = Columnview1.Item[3]
    UNTIL Columnview1.MoveNext()

If I place a breakpoint on "TextBox1.text = Columnview1.Item[3]" I can 
observe that it doesn't change.
Columnview1.Item[3] show me ever the first the content of first row, 
column 3

Seems that using ColumnView1.Item.MoveFirst do something...
but really, i can't understand how this control works.
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