[Gambas-user] Release of Gambas 2.8.1

Benoit Minisini gambas at ...1...
Thu Aug 21 13:14:59 CEST 2008


I release that just before leaving for a few days.

The three following bugs were fixed:

* The source file full path is not stored inside object files anymore. This 
way, rpmlint does not cry against packaging Gambas anymore. And so, Suse 
packages will be easier to do!

* The gb.gtk system tray icon management has been fixed. Now they work with 
Gnome and KDE, and are fully transparent.

* The gb.qt menu shortcut management has been fixed. Normally, you should not 
have shortcut conflicts in the IDE anymore.

Another point: if you can't use KDE 4 at the moment, like me, I have made a 
lot of patches to kicker (mainly for transparency) and one for kate 
(https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=117618, a very boring bug!).

You will get these patches in KDE 3.5.10, that should be released next week.


Benoit Minisini

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