[Gambas-user] Release of Gambas 2.8

Benoit Minisini gambas at ...1...
Fri Aug 15 16:57:11 CEST 2008


Finally I got the time to release Gambas 2.8. This version was needed, as 
Gambas 2.7 crashes when compiled with gcc 4.3.

The other important changes are:

- When displaying a method signature, the current argument is underlined. 

- Spanish, French and Russian translations were updated. 

- IDE shortcuts of different menus should not interfere anymore. 

- The GTK+ component can deal with font underline and strikeout in many 

- The QT component tray icons are now visible inside Gnome or XFCE.

Here is the full ChangeLog:


* BUG: Compiles optimized files in a clean way, so that ./configure
  --disable-optimization effectively disables optimizations on these files.

* BUG: Disable the console popup menu when the console editor loses the
  focus, so that the menu shortcuts do not interfer with the main editor
* BUG: Shift+Delete now works correctly in the editor. It does not cut an
  extra character anymore.
* BUG: Disable editor popup-menu as soon as it loses focus. That prevents
  conflicts between shortcuts.
* BUG: Correctly refresh the form editor title when the form is locked.
* BUG: Renaming a directory in the project tree now works correctly.
* BUG: Fix the title of the search list window.
* BUG: Enhance and fix the behaviour of the ESCAPE key.
* BUG: Renamed controls like DataControl are correctly refreshed inside the
  form editor.
* BUG: GridView, TableView, TextEdit and Editor are correctly refreshed in
  the form editor when they are renamed.
* BUG: The signature deals correctly with methods having a variable number
  of arguments.
* BUG: Commenting and uncommenting now do not forget the last line if the
  text was selected from bottom to top.
* BUG: Do not abort if you try to open a dead symbolic link.
* BUG: When making a package, ignore the charset translation errors while
  printing the commands output.
* NEW: Added a ToolButton in FCommit to clear the editor contents.
* NEW: Spanish and French translations updated.
* NEW: Russian translation updated.
* NEW: Arabic translation updated.
* NEW: Add support for DESTDIR variable in autotools packages.
  See http://www.gnu.org/prep/standards/html_node/DESTDIR.html
* NEW: Draw project details in gray.
* NEW: Support for hebrew translations.
* NEW: Display subversion revision in the About dialog.
* NEW: Support for macedonian and albanian translations.
* NEW: Enhance the behaviour of the console text search.
* NEW: Replaced the '[Modified]' text in the title of a modified form or
  class by a star.
* NEW: The signature popup displays the current argument underlined.
* NEW: Support for the Khmer language.

* NEW: The AnalogWatch example now displays the time.

* BUG: Dir() and RDir() do not leak memory anymore when there is a charset
  conversion error during the directory parsing.
* BUG: Fix the management of standard input, standard output and standard
  error streams.
* BUG: Do not free the classes before the _free() special methods are
* BUG: RInStr() third argument is now correctly taken into account in all
* BUG: Fix a bug in inheritance with classes written in Gambas overriding
  symbols whose name begins with 'P', 'R' or 'M'.
* BUG: The order of class variables in memory is the same as in class
  declaration both in 32 bits and 64 bits mode. This is needed if you want
  to use class as data structures sent to an extern function.
* BUG: Observers don't raise events anymore if their parent is invalid,
  like other objects do.
* BUG: Fix base object structure size when compiling with gcc 4.3 on a 64
  bits system.
* BUG: Fix the interpreter for gcc 4.3.
* BUG: Fix the initialization of standard input/output streams.
* NEW: Do not warn against circular references when the program aborts
  because of an error.
* NEW: Prints the gcc version used for compiling the interpreter when
  running 'gbx2 -h'.

* BUG: Fix a compilation warning on FILE_set_chown.
* NEW: The error message displayed when you try to return a value in a
  procedure is more explicit now.

* BUG: The informer now can be run without argument from anywhere.
* NEW: When creating all information files in one shot, child processes are
  used instead of loading all components in the same process.

* BUG: Define the default size of DataControl and DataCombo controls.

* BUG: Fix a possible crash when reading information on a date field.

* BUG: Draw.Begin() now correctly raises an error if the device is a static
  class that is not drawable. This bug was fixed by using "Draw" for the
  interface name of drawable objects and "StaticDraw" for the interface
  name of drawable classes like Printer.

* BUG: Fix the Expander default event so that clicking twice on it in the
  form editor does not crash the IDE.
* NEW: File dialogs now remember the last used directories in the directory
* NEW: FileView now display image preview if the image size is up to 64 Kb.
* NEW: The ListContainer refreshes itself before raising the Click event.

* BUG: When a MDI child window is activated, the focus is set on it unless
  one of its child control already has the focus.

* BUG: The Form.Load() method works correctly now.
* BUG: Draw.Begin() and DrawingArea Draw event correctly initialize the
  background and foreground colors now.
* BUG: Fix Application.Busy when forms are embedded.
* BUG: ComboBox does not raise the Click event anymore when its Text
  property changes.
* BUG: Fix the management of Window Activate and Deactivate events.
* BUG: Fix the management of GotFocus and LostFocus events.
* BUG: SetFocus is correctly honored when used inside the Open event
  handler of an embedded form.
* BUG: Redesigned the management of Font properties.
* BUG: GridView item Font property works correctly now.
* BUG: Font Underline and StrikeOut properties were implemented for Label
  controls, Button controls, GridView cells, and the Draw class.
* BUG: Fix the management of the Dialog.Font property.
* BUG: Fix the fake transparency of tray icons.
* BUG: Initialize correctly the gControl class.
* BUG: Draw.Tile now works correctly.
* BUG: Fix the vertical alignment management.
* BUG: The alignment of a GridView cell with a picture only is correct now.

* BUG: Fix some bad uses of interpreter API.

* BUG: Fix some bugs in quoted-printable encoding and the sending of body
* BUG: Apparently, a point at the beginning of a quoted-printable line is
  not allowed. So encode the point in that specific case.

* BUG: DrawingArea whose Background property has been changed does not
  flicker anymore.
* BUG: SetFocus is correctly honored when used inside the Open event
  handler of an embedded form.
* BUG: GridView.Clear now correctly refreshes the GridView.
* BUG: Wow! Finally fix TrayIcons so that they are visible inside Gnome and
  XFCE notification area.
* BUG: Menu shortcuts are automatically enabled when the menu is shown.
* BUG: Choose the right moc executable when both QT3 and QT4 are installed
  on the system.
* BUG: Fix the system tray icons for KDE 3.5.10. :-)
* BUG: The alignment of a GridView cell with a picture only is correct now.

* BUG: Uses "StaticDraw" to specify the drawing interface of the Printer
* BUG: Blended procedure separation is now correctly refreshed when the
  font size changes.
* NEW: When the focus is set on an Editor, the cursor is ensured to be

* BUG: Removed linking against libGL, as libSDL is already linked with
  it. This fixed gbi segfault on Laurent Carlier's box.


Enjoy it!

Benoit Minisini

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