[Gambas-user] Passing a Form as a parameter question.

richard terry rterry at ...1946...
Sat Aug 9 12:36:25 CEST 2008

I've separated out the code that accesses my databases schemas,  into 
different modules for maintainability purposes, which I append with the 
letters DBI (which stands for in my terminology -  database interface - I'm 
not using the built-in datacontrols)

The module may for example retrieve data which is then  is loaded into  a 
popup column view on the calling form as per the attatched png, and return a 

eg  In the calling form:

Public sub SomeSub()
	mycollection = modWhateverDBI.WhateverSubRoutine(columnview1)

Works fine as per the piccie

Now, in some situations as well as retrieve the list, I want to do multiple 
things to the calling form on the fly if certain other factors are fullfilled 
once the data is retrieved, so in this case my calling construct looks like 

Public Sub Whatever()



ie, I"m passing a reference to the entire form.

So Questions:

1) What exactly are you passing when you reference anything, is it just a 
memory address? which points to the form?

1) Does this entail any performance overhead, as opposed to passing just a 
single control, or parameter?

Hope this is not to obtuse a question.

Thanks in anticipation.


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