[Gambas-user] create container with multiple objects on a straight horizontal line

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Fri Aug 8 01:01:30 CEST 2008

On Fri, 8 Aug 2008 12:56:46 am M0E Lnx wrote:
> Hello all, This is what I'm trying to do
Unless I'm totally misunderstanding you, it should be straightforward using a 
horizontal box container. You can nest set expand properties on each control 
if you want one to stay fixed size and the one next to it to expand. You can 
nest horizontal boxes, so that you could put several controls onto a nested 
hbox to have their own subset of expansion.

I've quickly knocked this up as an example. If I'm totally wide of the mark 
then the example will be useful to total newbies struggling with expansion 
properties anyway.

Personally I've found gambas brilliant for gui design and resizing - just 
about anything seems possible limited only by your imagination.



> I need to find a container object to use where I can implement the
> following features.
> I need sort of like a listcontainer but I need to see if at all
> possible to have multiple objects on one horizontal line... like this
> -------------------------------------
> | []Checkbox1 || Button1|
> | []Checkbox2 || Button2|
> -----------------------------------
> and so on.
> I've tried using the listcontainer, but every time I add an item to
> it, it trhows it in a new line.
> Anyone have any idea how to accomplish this?
> Thanks in advance
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