[Gambas-user] Another question about aspect ratio

Leonardo Miliani leonardo at ...1237...
Fri Jun 8 18:09:20 CEST 2007

I think I've finally found the right distro for my desktop: Mandriva 2007.1.
It's based on KDE and it's higly configurable.

But I'm still having problems with aspect ratios of my Gambas projects...

On Suse desktop I've used a general font of 11px and I've created all my
applications using that font size.
But now on my new Mandriva I cannot get the same aspect ratio until I
choose a font size of 12px... strange, isn't it?
But 11px is the size that is correct and that I've set up on Ubuntu that
is installed on my laptop too...

Where's the issue? I cannot understand :-/


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