[Gambas-user] MySQL stored procedures execution problem

Benoit Minisini gambas at ...1...
Sat Jun 2 14:05:38 CEST 2007

On jeudi 31 mai 2007, Leandro Anthonioz Blanc wrote:
> Hi Benoit, thanks for you reply. I update to "HEAD" Gambas project version
> from subversion repository and recompile it. Error "Query failed: Commands
> out of sync; you can't run this command now" does not occurs anymore.
> However, if I execute same stored procedure several times rapidly, now
> appears error "Query failed: Lost connection to MySQL server during query".
> I mean, if i execute the stored procedure dozens of times but waiting at
> least one second between every execution, no error occurs (never). But, if
> I execute the stored procedure rapidly (without pause), this error raise
> inmediately. I test this several times and the behaviour is consistent.
> Thank you very much.

Can you use DB.Debug = TRUE to see what SQL commands are sent to the mysql 
client library? This way, you will be able to see if by sending the same 
commands rapidly by hand with the 'mysql' command, you get the same error.


Benoit Minisini

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