[Gambas-user] a wish list

johnf jfabiani at ...1109...
Mon Jan 16 17:31:21 CET 2006

A wish list:

I realize that gambas 2 hasn't even been released but I thought I'd get my 
wishes in for the very next version.  I also realize that some of what I wish 
for can be done (sort of) and does not follow VB (who cares).

The first wish would be a way to add properties and methods to controls from 
within the IDE.  Right click the control and be presented a sub-menu to add 
properties or methods.  Or select the control and use the menu to add the 
same.  Just a simple way to extend the abilities of a control.  This would of 
course include extending a window. 

Also the property window in the IDE would list the extended properties along 
with the methods available for the control.  Maybe properties on one tab and 
methods on a second tab. Maybe clicking in the methods would open the editor 
to the method.

The second wish would be a GRID control that allowed editing from within the 
IDE and associated with a result set.  It, of course, would have lots of 
events and methods to allow interaction during runtime (add column, add row, 
etc...) but would also allow editing and extending from within the IDE.

A simple report writer that could accept a result set. It should have a header 
section, detail section, a footer section.  Built-in function for totaling, 
and grouping, and and allow internal variables for processing the data.  
Something like “print when variable” for each data item.  

I know if I want it write some code.  I just don't know a lot about C and C++.  
But I think I have reason to learn.  The more I play with Gambas the more I 
enjoy the idea of Gambas.

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