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Scott Castaline hscast at ...407...
Wed Oct 12 15:30:44 CEST 2005

Rob Kudla wrote:

>On Tue October 11 2005 14:40, Scott Castaline wrote:
>>It's been many years since I've done any kind of programming, my
>>tech background is predominately been hardware. I am wondering if
>>anyone can point me in the right direction for tutorial material or
>>text books on BASIC, that would be relevant and current to GAMBAS.
>Linux Format (a UK-based desktop-oriented Linux magazine, sadly quite 
>expensive when bought here in the US) is doing a monthly BASIC column 
>now using Gambas.  They jumped right in with their first issue with a 
>little database browser application.  Unfortunately, that's the only 
>tutorial I know of at present apart from some small and 
>badly-outdated ones on the Gambas wiki.  There's at least one 
>textbook that sounds like it's near completion, but it may be a 
>little while before you can buy one commercially.  
>However, if you haven't done any programming in anything that looks 
>like Gambas, you may be able to use Visual Basic tutorials to at 
>least point you in the right direction.  Gambas is probably closer to 
>VB.net than VB6 or earlier, but I personally find it far less 
>annoying than either incarnation of VB.  A good grasp of 
>object-oriented programming will also be a huge help to you with 
>Gambas, since it's much more object-centric than VB is (but less than 
>But it's only been 9 months since Gambas 1.0 was first released, and 
>developer tools tend to either have to be heavily adopted or come 
>from a company called Microsoft to get Dummies(tm) books in their 
>first year.  I think before too long Gambas will start getting a lot 
>more attention, especially if version 2.0 somehow ends up working 
>under Windows without Cygwin.
>On a side note, on the same trip to the bookstore (Barnes and Noble) 
>on which I discovered the Linux Format BASIC column, I was wandering 
>by the computer section and noticed that the Linux stuff has been 
>moved out of the bottom rows of the developer section to a section by 
>itself with all the Dummies books and desktop-oriented books on the 
>top shelf at eye level.  Having just read earlier that day that Linux 
>was failing to meet analysts' 2001 predictions for desktop market 
>share, it was a nice confirmation that people are interested in 
>Linux, and not just to run their web servers: bookstores don't put 
>obscure hackers' toys on prominent display.
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Thanks for the response. Any personal suggestions on book 
titles/authors? There appears to be so many but as I've found in the 
past only a few are usually worth anything.



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