[Gambas-user] Getting the 'name' property

iggy iggy.budiman.linux at ...626...
Wed Oct 12 04:40:41 CEST 2005

 >>>On Mon October 10 2005 08:17, vinians wrote:
 >>>>Hi all, anyone can help-me how to get the 'name' of an object?
 >>>The names of symbols aren't retained by the Gambas compilation process
 >>>for some reason.  You have to stick everything you want to use to
 >>>identify an object in its Tag property or something like that.
 >>Thank you very much...
 >>to Benoit : please include the 'name' property on the next version of
 >>Gambas! I love this languagem and I need to get the 'name' property ;)
 > The problem is that this 'name' property eats a lot of memory for a
 > feature=20
 > that don't concern all the objects created by the language, and that
 > is=20 mainly used for implementing features that can be done in other
 > ways.
 > But I will see if I can do something like that in another way, only
 > for the=20 Controls...
 > Regards,
 > =2D-=20
 > Benoit Minisini

I really need that feature too. I often used that feature in vb days.
But this days of gambas, i have to modify a lot for gambas' lack of name 

in vb i can use :
   me.controls("txt" & rs.field(counter).name).text=rs.field(counter)
that means i can assign the value from every recordset to any controls 
in the form that has name txt+fieldname.
I can do that for control in other form, still in single line (just 
change the me into form name)

in gambas i use a lot of lines.
i have to scan all controls in the form, when found controls with tag 
contain the name of the controls, then i can continue assign the values.
thats not just it. If i need the tag for other use, then i need assign a 
class corresponding to the control tag, just to get the real control tag.
And for the control in a tab in another form, i have to scan each form 
that has the proper tag, then i have to scan each tab that has proper 
tag, then i have to scan each control in the tab that has proper tag.

i would appreciate a lot if gambas has this feature.


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