[Gambas-user] newbie question executables

johnf jfabiani at ...1109...
Wed Dec 28 09:49:57 CET 2005

On Wednesday 28 December 2005 00:39, johnf wrote:
> Gambas 1.9.22
> After I build a executable.  How do I run it?
> I have tried gbx2 filename and I get an error.
> ERROR: #45: File or directory does not exist
> using Gambas2 I get not a project file. My SUSE 10.0 does not know how to
> run it.
> John
I take it back I can't make an executable.  Even thought the program said it 
made the executable with an OK message at the bottom the project window  - it 
did nothing?  If makes nothing then what could be wrong?  Is it suppose to 
create a shell script?


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