[Gambas-user] networking 0.0.13

Daniel Campos danielcampos at ...282...
Sat Oct 25 22:52:03 CEST 2003


 Here's 0.0.13 release of networking component. ClientSocket now
uses internally a DnsClient object to translate Host Name to IP,
asynchronously, so, you will be stopped no more while ClientSocket
was performing this operation.

 Now "SocketError" event returns an error code to allow you know
what has been the problem.
 There's a new event "HostFound", that raises when host name has
been successfully translated to IP, providing a more interactive

 Remember to update you projects if you were using this class, as
this little changes can make your program fail if you do not
adapt it.

 Documentation and G1 example have been updated to reflect these

Daniel Campos <danielcampos at ...282...>
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