[Gambas-user] Re: Regex

nn heinpol at ...5...
Wed Oct 8 18:52:57 CEST 2003

Hi Rizky Tahara Shita

It's a very interesting Question!
On the first view it sounds trivial, but I think it's not.
If I understand you correct, you want strings
and integers, etc, to be executed as part of the
running programm-code.
For example, something like that:

TextBox2.Text = ExecuteString (TextBox1.Text & MyVariable & "something

I saw something like ExecuteString some years ago, used
in a formula, function parser for Analysis, but I don't remeber
the source of information, sorry.

With such a Function it would be possible to develop
self-modifying-code. The next step could be learning-code
or evolutionary optimizing-code ans so on
... very interesting stuff :))

Probably someone of the more smart guys on this list are able
to show us how to do something like that with Gambas.

For a very primitive solution, you might use "select Case",
compare your regex-string with the available functions and
executed it with this function. Recommended only if You are
using just a few functions.

regs Juergen

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