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Thu Oct 2 19:05:31 CEST 2003

Anyone please help sending me some sample code.

I have created the GUI for my application in Gambas. However, I am having a very hard time in coding the objects on my GUI due to the limited language documentation. For instance, I use listbox and textarea objects on my form. And I don't know how to create the classes for the objects. I did search around on Gambas website including the wiki-encyclopaedia and still couldn't find the info. I need. I would like to know how to create the function or sub for adding the items into the listbox or textarea. Plus other methods such as removing items..etc..Gambas online-help doesn't have examples on how to create the Methods of objects. It has just only the syntax for object method creation which is impossible for me to get my objects to work. All I need is a small example on each of the object methods. I did go through all the project examples that came with Gambas and found some useful things for my application but that was it.

If someone has code examples of object methods, Could you please email them to me. My email address is blumonde at bigfoot . com. Thanks so much.

I would also like to know if it is possible for Gambas to do Bit Masking ? For example can we do something like "Indextoname = 0xFFFFFF" ? Setting a fixed size of a variable and store it to a database field. How do we code it in Gambas. Please advise. Thanks again.

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