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Charlie karl.reinl at ...9...
Tue Mar 18 21:07:03 CET 2003

Benoît Minisini schrieb:

>Le Lundi 17 Mars 2003 22:29, Charlie a écrit :
>>Salut Benoit,
>>tried to look how Translate works on the IDE, (loaded app/gambas) but
>>compiling and Translate finshing in a IDE crash.
>>So whats wrong:
>>    my old
>>    Suse 7.2 Updated with qt 3.05 and KDE 2.2.2
>>    ./configure (withou KDE and db-component)
>>do I need any other program (gettext) or other rights ( I'm only
>>'charlie', groupe 'users')
>Why does gdb tell you "shell-init: couldn't get current directory: getcwd: 
>cannot access parent directories: ..." ?
>This is not normal. Could you check your parent directories rights ?
Sorry made a mistake,
yesterday I was in a local copy of app/gambas not the origin where it 
was compiled.

Never the less, even in /op/gambas/gambas-0.50/app/gambas which is the 
origin directory.
I'm not successful. see screenshoot.
You can see my rights on top ( a simple ls -l).


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