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Sat Feb 22 23:24:00 CET 2003

Salut Benoit,

referencing to you mail about Source Code changing from yesterday,
 I bring up a old project of me, but rewritten.
Long ago I wrote LinDiff, not knowing 'diff' exists ( call it reinvent 
the weel).
I brought in my newer knowleg, your information and finished it.

I wrote it for EN/DE and FR. ( for languages faults, use it to send me 
If Application.path works right, I plan to set MLocal to a Textfile.

Here I have to remember you, thet it is always NOT possible to have 
access to extern (not in project path) classes , modules etc. So with 
ervery change (MINIHnadler.module for example is used in all my 
projects) I have to copy it to all projects.

Attention: Don't start it from ./ , the INIFile will fail.

Two questions.
1 Are the GPL mention at the startup enough or has this to be in every file?
2 Is it useful, for what you asking?


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